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We are a digital marketing agency that focuses on enhancing the online presence, digital marketing strategies and overall sales techniques businesses use to convert their leads into customers or product sales.

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Google PPC Advertising

Google PPC ads enhance visibility, engaging users with targeted content, maximizing reach, and boosting conversions.

Meta Advertising

Meta’s innovative advertising solutions amplify brand presence, connecting businesses with vast audiences.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn ads elevate professional connections, targeting niche audiences, fostering B2B relationships and growth effectively.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO optimises websites, enhancing visibility, driving organic traffic, and improving user experience for online success.

Vortex Media

Welcome to Vortex Media

Say goodbye to headaches and hello to business growth

Tired of Getting Poor Results and Feeling Like Just a Number?

Is your ROAS declining and is your agency covering this up by highlighting metrics that don’t matter to you?

At Vortex Media, we understand how frustrating it can be to invest in digital marketing efforts and not see the desired outcomes. We believe in delivering personalised attention and tailored strategies to ensure your success.

As a leading digital performance agency based on the Gold Coast, we are committed to breaking the mold. We see beyond the numbers and genuinely care about your business’s growth and prosperity.

Market spend


revenue generated


Vortex Media generated a conversion value of $6.5 million with an ad spend of $1.5 million, exclusively through direct website sales and leads.

Vortex Media

Ensuring our point of difference translates

Unlike other agencies, we prioritise building meaningful relationships with our clients.

Work closely with you

A dedicated digital marketing agency collaborates closely with clients, crafting effective strategies that drive growth, fostering trust, and achieving results.

Strategic guidance

This digital marketing agency empowers clients with strategic guidance, ensuring success in the ever-evolving online landscape, fostering growth and innovation.

Proactive not reactive

Proactive digital marketing anticipates trends, shapes strategies, and maximizes opportunities, fostering long-term success and growth.

Custom solutions

A digital marketing agency delivers tailor-made solutions, transforming client visions into reality, amplifying brand presence, and driving exceptional results.

Vortex Media

What Our Clients Say

" Working with the Vortex team has been awesome. Mat's just a cool guy to talk to and gets what you're going for. Because of the whole team's hard work, we quadrupled our revenue and probably more. It was a real game-changer for us. Big thanks to everyone for putting in the time and effort. Can't wait to keep the momentum going! "

Chris Voyce,
Easy Pest Supplies

" Mat over at Vortex Media is the real deal for digital marketing. This guy's got a great strategy that's done wonders for my business. We're actually making a profit now, and the best thing is, Mat keeps tweaking his plans to fit exactly what my business needs. "

Daniel Vick,

" Shoutout to Mat and the crew at Vortex Media for their killer approach to my digital marketing. Mat's attention to detail is next level. He's not just about big ideas, he listens and hones in on the specifics that just make a real impact. "

Sam Periera,
Bed Bug Control

" Mat and the team at Vortex Media could simply just do what other agencies could not. The team focused on what actually matters and that is sales for the business. Clean cut straightforward effective strategies every time from this bunch. "

Tim Holland,
Anti Bird Spikes.


Our most popular  marketing strategies

Google Advertising



Silver Package

Strategy Deck

Account Setup

Auto / Manual Bidding

3 Marketing Campaigns

Conversion Tracking

.. and much more!

Meta Advertising



Silver Package

Demographic Optimisation

Conversion Tracking

Pixel Installation

Competitor Research

Ad Creation (5 Creative Designs)

.. and much more!




Standard Package

Unlimited Keywords

Monthly Website Backups

Competitor Analysis

Page Speed Optimisation

Weekly Blog Posts

.. and much more!